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If you command me to do something that I was already planning on doing the chances of me doing that thing automatically drop to zero

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robin williams was like that uncle you didn’t see often but when you did he’d always make you smile and you remembered nothing but good things… i didn’t expect to feel this one so much

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R.I.P. Robin Williams, thank you for making us laugh throughout the years.

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I hope when you die you get to see your stats like how many times you laughed or told a lie or kissed or how many people loved you and how many people hated you and what you meant to people

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give me a he’ll yeah if ur blogging on mobile

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i can’t wait until october when there’s no sun outside and everything is cute colors and it’s cold and there are terrible horror movies on tv, my power is at its peak then

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There’s something so comforting about being in GameStop

knowing im the best looking and smelling person in there

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walking to the side of pokemon trainers and talking to them first so you feel in control

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when u try to tell ur friends a pun


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